By train to Australia

I spend a lot of my time on trains between Göteborg & Stockholm. After a quick look through my scanty records I have been to Stockholm (at least) 13 times this year (by train) which makes it a distance of 12 688 km traveled over an estimated time of over 80 hours. If these trips were all put end-to-end this is approximately the distance from Göteborg to Perth, Australia.

but I could not have taken the train…

November book givaway

The last book giveaway worked really well so I decided to continue the tradition a bit longer. Let me know in the comments if any of the books on the list catch your fancy. I have a Swedish list on a separate blog.

Sean Lang Parliamentary Reform 1785-1929

Bruno Giordano The Ash Wednesday Supper

Stephen Gray The artist as thief

The Memoirs of Field Marshal Kesselring

The philosophy of Schopenhauer

Richard Susskind The Future of Law

Beauchamp & Childress Principles of Biomedical Ethics (4th ed)

Michael Morton The Critical Turn: Studies in Kant, Herder, Wittgenstein & Contemporary Theory

Jared Diamond Guns, Germs and Steel

Mark McCormack What they dont teach you at Harvard Business School

Robert Ardrey The Territorial Imperative

Vulnerable IT Society

The whole neighborhood is suddenly pitched into blackness. A major power failure has killed even the street lamps. Thanks to my liking for candles and mobile broadband I still have some connection to the outside world beyond the blackness but it is interesting to see how vulnerable the IT society has become. I have candles to last the night but my laptop will only manage two hours. People are outside on balconies talking on their mobile phones and even walking outside with torches – or probably with the light on their phones.

An interesting experience not common in the safety first Scandinavia.

Three-strikes law is misguided

The three strikes approach to internet-regulation is a misguided approach to the problem. Read David Canton‘s arguments on the topic:

The three-strikes law is misguided, even if you believe such activity should be controlled.

Whether someone has violated copyright is often not a black-or-white issue. Copyright law is complex, and knowing in any given instance whether an infringement happened isn’t easy.

To implement these policies on a mass basis, in a similar manner to handing out parking tickets, ignores this complexity. And the penalty is more than paying a few dollars in parking fines.

Cat & Mouse of internet regulation

Regulating technology is (almost) hopeless. When giving a speech to the Cyberspace Law and Policy Centre Symposium on ‘Meeting Privacy Challenges’ in 2008 Senator John Faulkner  said

Trying to legislate to control technological development or the ways people use technology is not perhaps ordering the tide to not come in, but it is certainly like trying to empty a bathtub with a teaspoon.

And yet we keep digging away with the teaspoon. Take for example the latest developments on The Pirate Bay site (via Slashdot)

“The Pirate Bay has shut down their BitTorrent tracker. Instead TPB is now using Distributed Hash Table to distribute the torrents. The Pirate Bay Blog states that DHT along with PEX (Peer Exchange) Technology is just as effective if not better for finding peers than a centralized service. The Local reports that shutting down the tracker and implementing DHT & PEX could be due to the latest court rulings in Sweden against 2 of TPB’s owners, and may decide the outcome of the case.”

Check out warsystems for a better and more thoughtful analysis of tpb’s latest move.

And thats just it. No matter what the single state may attempt to do, technical individuals will find a way to evade the problem for a little while longer. It is doubtful whether this can go on forever, the individuals will still lose but the problems will remain and grow. At best any victory will be a Pyrrhic one.

Cool positions out now!

Via Ditzler I found these cool positions: Theres the Google Policy Fellowship 2010 now that’s a serious learning experience or what about the Oxford Internet Institute Summer Doctoral Programme. So many great things and so little time!

While these are cool positions – the best job must be this one. Imagine putting namer of clouds on the cv?

Coolest job description. Ever. by Helen Duffett cc by nc sa